Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

Most would agree that WordPress SEO is easier to accomplish than a lot of other platforms. It’s why so many people pick WordPress to launch sites. You can take a few steps to Optimize your WordPress SEO. We’ve created a content table below that will help you get through the WordPress ultimate SEO guide. This guide shows the best tips for ranking your WordPress website on Google.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress itself is not good enough for a solid SEO strategy. WordPress is so easy to learn. Users do not have to get technical to enjoy it. To make WordPress SEO work, you have to apply a few strategies and the right SEO tools.

But you still have to create great Search Engine Optimized Articles and earn good backlinks and ensure that your site is optimized and free of technical SEO errors that could hold it back.

WordPress, along with tools such as rank math, surfer, outranking and Jarvis makes it simple to handle the basics of a good site ranking. and what you will find below is a list of helpful tips.

Install an SEO friendly WordPress website theme

There are many free WordPress themes out there. In fact, as of writing, I am using one that I found to be the most SEO friendly WordPress Theme that was free. this theme is called Astra.

Often themes include scripts and plugins you won’t actually use. Before downloading a theme, run a preview via Google’s tool Pagespeed Insights to get insight on potential performance and SEO issues. This should at least give you the confidence that you pick a theme that won’t hinder you from launching your website. Select a theme carefully or you could end up with a design that is not SEO friendly or that could slow your website down.

Setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google has a wonderful tool called Site Kit, you just add the plugin and get it all set up, and all free!

Install a free WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugin

I recommend Rank Math. I used All in One SEO and Yoast, but to me, the free version of Rank Math gave me better results. Enough that I changed all of my sites and clients to it, and it can import the SEO settings from other WordPress SEO plugins.

What can Rank Math do for you?

Rank Math will typically get your SEO optimized website higher ranking and you will have more visibility for your page. It is hands-down among the most amazing free SEO WordPress plugins. Rank Math is seriously the best SEO software and I’ve tested it several times.

Ranking Math Is Packed With Awesome Features

Rank Math gives you a competitive edge with innovative tools and functionality. Rank Math offers all the best features of SEO for your organization no matter the skill level in search engine optimization and website building.

Events Schema

Rank Math collects additional event metadata like venue/ticketing URLs, ticket stocks and so on. This information is very useful for our customers. It also provides a wonderful customer experience. You can configure the events sample with more than 15 types of events which may rank your event on many similar keywords such as location URL, ticket inventory, or more. The information from the event section could also b.

Clean & Simple User Interface

Rank Math is designed to display the right information to you at the right time. The clear simple but impressive user interface highlights important information you’ve gathered along the page’s text. You can preview how your post appears in SERPs preview rich snippets and preview when it’s shared on social media. Rank Math also provides advanced snippet previews for you Facebook and Twitter content.

Easy to follow setup wizard

Rank Math uses an installation and configuration wizard, which enables you to properly setup and analyze SEO for your WordPress site. Rank Math verifies settings of your sites’ content to recommend the best settings for optimal performance. The wizard automatically creates your website’s SEO and social profiles. There are also other settings for SEO. Rank Math basically setups itself for it.

Article Schema

Rank Math supports article types schema and it can be added to posts with one click. By adding article schema to your post you increase the potential for it to appear as rich card in the SERPs. This will dramatically increase its click-through rate. The Article Typeschema is available through Rank Math’s Rank Math for a free Download.

Built-in Advanced SEO Analytics Module

Rank Math presents helpful information directly out of Google Search Console within your WordPress dashboard. You’d see your keyword ranking, your websitemap location and search index problems. These files are very valuable if you have a high performing web page.

Keep an eye on the position history on the Search Engines

If you constantly test out SEO methods on your website or are just wanting to know how your website has done over a period of time then the position history will be a godsend. Please monitor the website’s ranking in the last few weeks or months.

The most advanced Schema Generator

Rank mathematics helps you add structures in post. Diverse schema types is supported and a standard category can be set in settings. Rank Math is available to help users search more information on your website to search engines and users.

Custom Schema Builder

The plugin for Rank Math lets you create complicated equations using Rank Math. Create multiple schema files in one post with simple clicks or just an easy text. There are no programming skills required for developing Cre.

Keywords for ranking posts

Knowing every keyword that your article is on top of is often very informative. With these information you should then further refine your content to make it more valuable when it comes to these mouthwatering keywords.

Product Schema

Aside from providing product schedules Rank Math can add them to pages using only one click. You can add product name, description, SKU, inventory and other details about a particular product.

Schema templates with display conditions

Use display conditions to display ‘Schemas’ where you want to show them in your website (ie. Add properties of inherited or property-related associations and combine everything in some clicks.

Export Schema Markup from Other Websites

Import Scheme markup for every blog/page or URL from your homepage or any html page on the Internet. Give you a head start by upload schema from other URLs.

Recipe Schema

Rank Math provides recipe support in Rank Math. Add info to your recipe to have your product appear as rich card in search results.

Schema Markup Validation

Compare your schema to Google’s Rich Results validation right inside the WP Dashboard. It made that process smooth.

Google Analytics integration

Keep in touch with any site stat by browsing the statbox of your dashboard.

Choose a reliable WordPress hosting provider

Site speed affects your WordPress SEO as well. Poor uptime, slow hosing providers, and security vulnerabilities can lead to site quality issues. Don’t be tempted to choose the cheapest option, because it could make you susceptible to performance issues.

SSL for SEO, HTTPS is critical!

Google is very clear on this, to have any chance to rank well, your site better be https:// instead of http:// and always make sure there are no errors next to the URL in the browser. Also always stick to with or without the www. when you link to your website.

Set your preferred domain

Head to: Settings > General and select your preferred domain for your website. This is where you put in https:// and your website domain, with or without www. You should have an SSL Certificate installed, if so make sure the site is https:// and if not then fix it now!

Enable SEO Friendly Permalinks

By default, you will want to change the permalinks on WordPress. There is an easy way of changing URLs at Settings > Permalink Structure. For most sites, you’ll want to make ‘Add post name’ in permalink settings. You should ensure you use the most SEO friendly URL structure for your websites.

Write great content for your users

Optimize your content

People are searching and reading trustworthy online answers containing real information and facts. The best way is to write quality WordPress content that has true, unique, and original ideas that you present to people.

But it also means communicating these ideas as coherently and readily as possible. Your website should include the best content, and be written in a manner that is easy to read.

Short paragraphs, short sentences, SEO optimized articles, and a passion for what you are writing about, that is the secret. You take that and run it through some SEO tools, and you are well on your way to ranking!

Create supportive pages for WordPress SEO

Consider the most valuable pages or posts on your site. Now create several more posts or pages that go even more micro niche supporting that content, by a great SEO optimized article or post that links from it and to it. This is where long tail keywords come into place.

Set your focus keyphrase(s)

It is also essential to include the focus keyphrase in key elements of your post, such as the title, the introduction, your subheadings and your meta description. To me, this is where SEO tools come into play.

Optimize your page title

Optimize your images and media

One of the more neglected elements of WordPress SEO is how it handles all your photos, videos, and media content. To ensure search engine readers understand the file names you’ll need to consider how you name and format them.

Always select the suitable format and optimize each shot. Try using new image formats like WebP. Using alt attributes in images and videos are also features we monitor.

Use headings correctly

Headings are fantastic to organize your content. Alternatively, they can help describe the layout in web pages and they target search engines. WordPress transforms the headings in your content into their own HTML tag (,… etc.) .Your post content ought to then flow perfectly. For an explanation on how to use them refer to how to use headers on your website.

Optimize your individual posts & pages

This includes SEO optimizing subheadings, your titles, and meta descriptions. It’s essential you put subheadings on your website. Your description and title may be a deciding factor in what happens when people see your site on google, and if your website will be the one clicked.

SEO-friendly doesn’t necessarily just mean that a person can find a page easily on the internet: it also means your visitors can read about it.