Surfer SEO: Next Generation SEO Tools for 2022

I have been using Surfer SEO for over six months in pro blogging, and I have to say, it feels like I am cheating! But, for on-page SEO, this is the most helpful tool out there as 2022 is about here, weather you admit it or not, you will be using this tool before it is all said and done if you want to rank well.

You don’t have to use it to write for you, but it can. This tool will allow you to put in your target keyword or phrase and go. It will analyze the top search results for that search and give you all the details. It will provide you with headings, along with paragraphs for a starting point that you can keep or modify. These are just a few of the key features!

Plagiarism free SEO Content, search engines filter plagiarism

Now I am sure you think there is no way this is not just some tool copying the text from other sites, but it is not. Before it gives any text, it runs through all the sites on the top results and verifies that nothing is copied!

How can an SEO tool do this?

Magic, just kidding, but even though that is easier to accept and understand. It uses Artificial Intelligence. Yes, you read that right; AI is writing SEO optimized content, or in this article, it is directing me on exactly what keywords to include and an ideal word count for my target keyword content strategy.

How easy is the keyword volume tool?

When creating your SEO optimized content in the Surfer SEO content editor, the keyword volume tool is quite simple, the words turn green on the site from red when you hit the target on your content creation. It is like live on page analysis for the easiest ranking pages with long form content quality that will hit the user intent!

Once you know your main keyword, you no longer have to guess at things such as how many words to use and such. So really your content will be however great it would have been, but Surfer keeps you on topic when you write content! As you apply this useful tool to your site you will see how fast you can rank higher!

Did an AI write this article? An AI Keyword Research Tool

Nope, I wrote this myself. That is not to say that I didn’t drop it in the Surfer SEO tool content editor and let it let me know what I needed to change. It will tell me if I used specific keywords or phrases too many or too few times, and I am unsure who, especially anyone in the SEO industry would ignore such a unique ability! Just imagine not having to guess at the keyword density, or missing on multiple keywords, the surfer SEO content editor will help ensure that you get it right.

Could AI have written this SEO-optimized article better?

Quite possibly, but one thing about AI SEO tools is that they can miss the mark and be wrong while they are fantastic assistance. As an example, I might be writing an article about the Gulf of Mexico, and the AI SEO content tool might bring up how the pacific ocean is so beautiful on the Gulf of Mexico. It missed the mark. So you can see why you need to know a little about what you are having Artificial Intelligence write about.

Surfer SEO tools for website Audits

Surfer SEO is also exceptional at website audits. I should say webpage audits. You just give it the URL and the topic that the page is about, and it will tell you things such as missing or overabundant keywords. It will also tell you LSI keywords that you should have, along with other things affecting your ratings vs. the top results for that search.

Now let us see what surfer SEO can write.

Ok, everything below is all done by Surfer. I put in the content editor of Surfer the phrase surfer SEO, and everything after this paragraph are headings and paragraphs of content suggestions. The only thing that I did was spend a few minutes on Grammarly, letting it get cleaned up from a few mistakes; you can probably see I left some.

Here is the thing, they are not all golden nuggets of SEO optimized content, and not all are accurate or well written, but it gives you some ideas, and those ideas are based on what is ranking today. So without further a due, take a peek at the rest of this page.

Surfer SEO Review – Save Hours In Technical SEO Research

Surfer solves this problem to get SEO content. Previously, technical SEO audits would take several hours to gather the crucial metrics of search results manually. Surfer gets you that information instantly. What are the features of the service?

Also, the thing that’s nice and not so nice on this service and features you can profit from pricing, and the tool is eventually right for you. I have my own opinion, and I will support my recommendations. I am compensated for this link to help you with a good user guide. Please follow the disclaimer on my site.

Get More From This On-Page SEO Tips & Hacks

Surfer SEO has won the market as it was released a couple of years ago with excellent results. It’s super simple to use and provides exactly how much info we need to improve. The interface and the workflow mean that we can accomplish more optimization tasks that took hours, even minutes. How can I save time and generate fresh ideas for my website, optimizing and promoting my content? 

Surfer SEO Review: Features Pricing and More

This is my detailed review of the on-page optimization tool Surfer SEO. In my review, I will cover surfing search engine optimization. Surfer Optimism is a free software tool you can use.

Content Editor: LSI Keyword Finder

Surfer Content Editor evaluates the content structure of the first page results… including the count of words, pictures, and the average paragraph count. The tool tells you the exact LSI keywords you are adding and how often to do it.

After using the feature, the product was very well written and is very easy to use. You are very quick to use. Has strong data. It’s also possible to customize it. It also helps in creating content around this topic.

You also have the possibility of sharing it with writers without it being a required experience. This way, people can write the draft and optimize its content with Google Docs.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer will evaluate SERPs for over 100+ data points such as average word count, recommendations, image alt labels, and backlinks. In addition, Surfer SEO will provide you with suggestions for optimizing content.

These guidelines are open source, so everyone can see where you left off. This makes Surfer the best option for specialized SEOs aiming for an online marketing automation program for optimizing new and existing content. Surfer is an AI-driven content optimization tool focusing on search optimization.

It focuses on the technical aspects of SEO-written content. Surfer has replaced writing and marketing by putting the audience at the center.

How do I optimize existing content with Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO allows you to optimize your existing content using its SERP Analyzer system. You can see what works in your keywords in the search results now. It will analyze the URLs, audit, and suggest what you can change. For example, pages 1-10 had almost 2,000 words in their SEMRush review.

Amongst the following category of publications, the word-count increased considerably. Show me the ways you can incorporate such a recommendation to increase your ranking. I’ll show you what’s needed to improve the quality of your video content. You can even see how often you are looking for immediate or complete results.


Overall, my body paragraphs and bold words have a lovely effect on writing my texts. It’s 168 words in H1:H8:M2:H6. I should consider removing 7.5 and 6.5 words from the H2 Header. You can tell me it’s almost all clear over the suggested ranges.

I can remove some additional word names from the Header. I will follow this editing process until I fulfill all requirements and ensure no more actions are required. Surfer SEO is a fast method of optimizing your existing content. I especially liked knowing that they gave you a good guide. How can I succeed with this!!

Missing common backlinks

Surfer SEO will give you a prioritized list of website link sources based on how many of you link to your competitor. As the screenshot will show, seven of my competitors have one from Quora that I’m missing, which should be simple to obtain.

Make your way through all the lists or use my Excel spreadsheets to steal your competitor’s best backlinks. Create your site’s link-building plan from competitors’ backlinks using a spreadsheet. Quora’s example has a link to a website where you can only find your missing link.

True density

This metric is used to assess gaps in content to understand the content of the project. There’s an excellent tool to tell if you use the language too often or too rarely. Relying on this information is the most efficient way of optimizing existing content.

You can prioritize this list by clicking relevance- You can also see how many additional keywords you have to add and how many you could delete from the list. By clicking here, see how many keywords nee are included.

Surfer SEO vs Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool for analyzing websites looking at backlinks tracing keywords and topic information. Search Optimization Surfer SEO is an online optimization application. It performs two main functions, both of which it excels greatly, neither of which are provided as services.

Surfer prices are also lower as it has other competitors, but tools are unique and should not limit competition for optimizations on-page. For further information see the Surfer Website and find a Detailed Guide to the Use of the Tool. 

Keyword Research: Find new keywords to target

Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool is just like almost every keyword tool on the market. It includes a helpful feature I haven’t seen in any search tool before: the “SERP similarity” basically shows the overlap of the keyword you typed in the tool.

If the two keywords in the Google search are similar, they are considered synonyms. So one page should be optimized for both terms. It’s hard to do this manually. That being said I would like the instrument in a more precise form. It has no difficulty rating for keywords. It’s really important about keywords to go after.

Why do you need to pay attention to surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO said the OP must remove 22,210 words from the contents. This makes up 85% of the content within the post. Its an awful joke. Especially if you love the skyscraper stuff or just the way you like the way you write. But… this is real. This changed to October 19 2019.

The next business day… the site moved to 2nd place at Google! And holds an almost constant in domain ever since! And despite this becoming an domain… My positions have increased again on Google’s USA Desktop! It would be fine if I deleted everything in my post.

Surfer SEO Support

I think Surfer was an outstanding SEO service. My question got answered very fast. I also asked many questions. But my question wasn’t quite answered. That said when I asked them questions about them I was given an honest & thorough response.

Surfer gave an honest and exhaustive answer. So the overall approach is not a distant one however execution remains unfulfilled for a successful solution. It’s the same methodology used by most SEO websites (like SEMrush ) to estimate organic traffic to a website. Hence global approach isn’t much distant from it.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Surfer SEO rates are $2.9/month for Hobby and $59/month Basic and Premium for Business Plus. You savings about 10% if you go for annual bills. The features you get access to are the same for each plan (with a significant exception: the Hobby plan does not provide page speed analysis).

More reports are possible with high level plans though. You can expect 3 queries/day on Hobby and 400/day on Business Plus. That makes 60 times the amount reported. SurferPro starts from $95.96/mo. It’s 3x smaller in comparison to the Pro plan.

NLP: Sentiment Analysis

Surfer SEO features natural language processing. The feature uses Watson technology to find the sentiment on the incoming search result. For years this service worked just fine. However, this particular feature was somewhat forced. It doesn’t matter much for ranking.

I don’t understand why it’s so helpful. Can you see why a keyword is positive or negative? The sentiment of 100 keywords does not affect ranking rankings. Overall, to me this features look quite fancy. However that does not help people find the best search results.

My recommendation

Surfer SEO is testing over 500 ranking factor analysis and audit tools that can help. This platform is an incredible system. You can unlock so much data it gives me positive results. Though their content planner and editor are not so impressive so I’d concentrate your attention on SERP Analyzer the reason why you choose their service.

Regardless of whether or not Surfer is the essential SEO tool is something I use frequently. It’s not easily beaten. However, having a technical SEO analysis that saves time isn’t so great.

How do I find excellent keywords with Surfer SEO?

Surf SEO now offers an online tool for keyword research. It means the process is managed in a single place. You can save the better keywords in the clipboard and use the list for further research and increase the keywords list.

For example, if there is a 85% similarity of SERP of ‘DSLR’ and ‘DSLR camera’ then this means that 85% of pages are shared between these two SERPs. You can also lookup relevant questions and search results too. For example, there are 85% similarities between DSLC and DSLP. Surf. More information.


Surfer recommends common questions in Google that relate to a few keyword phrases or other keyphrase in a website. You may want to include these in your content to help your visitors increase your chances of appearing in a people ask questions box.

Keep it on the website as well as add the Schema questions. Remember that your questions must be included in each of the replies.

Same terms

Here you can determine which words contain your primary words. And what their searches are.

Things that Surfer SEO should improve

Most data in Surfers SERP Analyzer was spot on but I also ran across some data that wasn’t completely perfect. It seems not practicable to optimize for all this stuff, but it would be helpful. The buttons should have a way to choose the importance of ranking factors according to your criteria.

I am perplexed about why this functionality is in the tool. The primary keyword research tool is necessary further. It honestly sounds like NLP is an way of increasing the tool’s functionality.

Fine-tune your editing

If your article contains no bold words and if the text has no bolding then it is probably a good idea to convert specific paragraphs into the word “strong. Pay attention when choosing supported phrases such as partial matches or LSI keywords. Always try to count the actual word count from all the top-ranked pages in Google. Of course unless the test fails, you’ll just slam it with links and watch what improves rankings. How can you ensure content ranking at the top of the rankings?

Review & Audit Before Publishing

Google’s Docs uploading feature helps you write blog posts that were never published on Google Drive. It’s a lot of hack but it works. Set up exactly like actual WordPress blog posts. Use clean keywords in title tags and title code. Then use Google Doc’s Web URL for this content and add it to Surfer. I tested this using the published Google Doc and live WordPress post, and everything looked the same-analysis was not affected. My test of such test used the WordPress live site.

How do I create new content with Surfer SEO?

Surfer Search Engine Optimization analyzes all competitors for your company and their content. Content Editor gives you clear guidelines in creating quality content. You can also send the guidelines to a copywriter or a content author to ensure that the site-wide content matches with on-page SEO recommendations like: Customize’. If you want to make some changes to your content click on the. If you want to write an optimised website post on your own you can use the Content Editor.

Add notes

If you use external source developers, you can simply share the unique page to allow the content creator to follow the guidelines. Your content creator does not need their Surfer SEO account either. Rather share their secret URL to them and voila. If you have further information you can use the Notes page. Once done, hit ‘Final customization’ for add the limitation.

Review Keywords

Surfer SEO suggests that keywords are semantically similar to the major keyword based on the current ranking. If no Keyword meets your expectations… You have to click on them to delete them from this list. This means the keywords are split into:

Google Docs

Surfer SEO has issued a Google chrome extension that lets users add surfers in Google Docs or other services. As a result, optimising content is easier and much more efficient. Surfer Content Editor is now able to be used on C.

Choose the questions to include

You can select appropriate questions that you can add to your paper. This also helps increase your chances to appear at the highlighted snippet or ask boxes. You can also upload a feature snippet o.

Adjust Content-Length

The length of text directly controls the density of each expression referred to in the text. Try to create content of the same length as the page analysed. Typical total word Count of words is ‘0. ‘

Surfer SEO vs Clearscope

Both programs scrape search results. Show you the terms which appear most commonly in the page top. And update at any moment if you change your content. In general, I prefer Clearscope. Its cleaner and easier to navigate than Surfer. They’re however even more expensive.

If you want the very best service and quality come with Surfer,” he said. But it’s close but it’s not the best search tool for your content. If you want to use Surfer for best quality then probably choose Best.

SERP Analyzer: Detailed breakdown of Google’s first page

It features a detailed break-down of the SERPs for a single keyword. How many H2 pages you get with this list? The number of links on the first page results usually. Does this data still need work? I wouldn’t be 100% sure of anything. All of it’s components are cool though.

It has many unique information. There are several good examples, but I think it would probably eliminate the key data points useful to us. Instead, it helps developers focus on everything that matters.

Show the best SEO alternatives for surfers?

Surfer has many features, although their content optimization and SEO Audit are substandard. Surfer has great features at first glance, but you rarely get any of them done once you focus on many things. Surfer optimization is not perfect and is not for everyone. But not for everyone.

With so many features, it doesn’t provide many useful features on many grounds, including hit-and-miss content optimization, subpar SEO audits, and a confusing user interface (metric).

Things I liked about Surfer SEO

Surfer has a very nice website creator. Their most interesting feature is content editor. The lowest level package is $29 per month. So yes you get five monthly searches. But you can at least use almost all its main features. Google knows the best SEO companies in Europe. I believe they added features (like the Similarity) which help SEO professionals with their job. Those behind the website is legit SEO professionals who understand SEO.

Surfer SEO Review: Is it worth it?

Overall I consider Surfer SEO worth trying. This is undoubtedly not very ideal. And I need a new user interface. But there’s no need to compromise on speed. Tell me the evidence for this theory? Leave a comment below. Do you use this tool? 


Surfer SEO is a popular search engine tool used all over the world. It saves me much time when I’m trying to write new content or improve some content. However, there are several other features to this platform and a significant depth to the service. This list contains the features I’m introducing: The SERP Analysis tool and the other features I’m gonna address in this re.

SERP Analyzer

Surfer’s SERP Analyzer examines the top 48 Google queries for specific topics and finds common points between them. Surfer SEO uses more than 500 ranking factors that include URL, domain score and website rating. The keywords and questions Tabs are the most valuable and help you get the pertinent topics you want in your post.

The enormous amount of time saved when I get a quick snapshot to see the result can be easily underestimated. You can also see exactly how many pages there are over the fold. There are structured information types as well as how many images are displayed inside posts. The very relevant information about a website is the time it takes to focus on your on-page SEO efforts and where they should work in the future.

Content Editor

Surfer SEO creates a content scores of your specific keyword and provides tips for optimizing your writing. Sometimes the software seems to lag. The report even includes a few vanity metrics. Most content is between a thousand and a thousand, if so. Plus 43 or so images appears excessive.

Nonetheless, it remains a good instrument when you exercise common sense because of the keywords tracking functionality. I would try to use Surfers’ Content Editorial Software to create an article or document to see better optimization on the Google page. It is also integrated with Google Docs or WordPress’s editor.

Keyword research

Surfer SEO has built-in keyword analysis tools. Another good indicator is a SERP Similarity Score which highlights LSI keywords that best describe your search terms. This is not a vital selling point for this tool but it helps speed up search phrases slightly. The only reason to use this part of their software is to save money in monthly fees by using one tool. I strongly suggest using other keywords in the keyword research tools: Ahrefs, Semrush or my new favourite tools KWFinder. Surfer lacks interlinking and cross-references as available with other tools.

Article & Page Audit

The Surfer SEO audit tool allows you to see how well your page has been adapted to a topic-specific keyword. It’s occasionally a little bumpy, and getting a suggested word count of 4,000 to 15,000 words or an image count of 45 to 75 is not useful. Instead, you can check if you haven’t incorporated the most important SEO keywords in your content and also how to improve ranking. For more information on these reports visit [link]. For more information about using your auditor tool visit [link]. In the United States.

Content Planner

Surfer SEO is currently in beta. It aims to optimize your content strategy by creating topic clusters related to keywords. It then contains many clustering suggestions for your topic. A cluster will display a detailed summary of keyword volumes per term. Surfer also states that it also comes to this app for difficulties. Although this feature still feels like an afterthought and not a reason you can buy Surfer’s new feature it’s still not a reason to purchase it.

Find hidden keywords mistakes

This means that the audit checks each document’s words for clear meaning sometimes without cleartext. If the audit tells you to delete many words but editing the body text wouldn’t make sense check on the alt tags and the images in the title. Make sure you don’t skip an extra word that would cause a typo. Remove whenever that is necessary.

Repurpose culled words

It hurts to delete entire content simply because it doesn’t fit in the suggested keyword length parameters. Before you just delete and republish, try to find different ways to edit the words to another location. Here is another idea on how I could use this language in future blog posts. Return to the MailOnline home.

Surfer SEO Alternatives

Surfer is unique compared to other keyword research and link monitoring services. Surfer is one of the best web search engine tools.