Blog sites for beginners

The following list review 50+ top blogging platforms that would appear in 2020. The ranking of the platforms in this list is in no specific order. I think the selection of the platform is responsibility of individual bloggers. All my reviews represent my own opinion. Although these publishing platforms exist on digital platforms, the list does not contain social media sites whose principal purpose is to meet other. Such sites include Twitter and Reddit. Moreover I wanted to concentrate on digital publishing. Platforms and blogs mainly focused on written text instead of pictures or videos such as Imgur YouTube Vimeo Snapchat and Periscope, Pinterest and Instagram.

WordPress blog

WordPress site

The best free blogging platforms in 2021

The best free blogging sites allow you to build an internet existence without any additional costs. Standard options come with templates for preparing everything for you. Options advanced allows a user to customize his/her blog for the design and feel of his/her site. Get in touch with us for free online content and blog ideas. Check back on this page for quick links to our top 3 free blog platform or explore the web pages for more information about best digital publications. Find out how you can start a free blog here.

How do I choose the best blogging platform in 2021?

In this section we shall take a closer look at top blog sites in their pros and cons. If you are interested in a certain platform click this link to skip an article. List the main blogging sites that we’re gonna compare in this blog post. In addition check / find out which link in a comment has the right thing for your purpose for reading this. Let’s make this article easy and show you the best blog platform if you want. See other web-site platforms for information about our comparies.

Best Blogging Sites and Platforms in 2021

The definitive guide for looking for good blogs for beginners. The book guide which demonstrates the best blogging platforms and software for beginner. An introduction will be based on an 8-year practice in working on blogs for Artem. List the top free or premium blogs for all kinds of internet sites. Recommend some good online blogging platforms for the beginner to know about blogging? Contact for help if you have any questions.

New! 11 Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 (Ultimate)

Starting a blog may be an important decision and there are many different options. In this blog article we made it easy for you to find out which blogging software works for beginners in 2019. If you’re interested in one specific blog, click the link in this list of blog sites to skip over the article: Click here to see what we’ll compare in this article. Read the complete article by clicking on the link below to see the total list of website you are.

How do I start a blog?

FirstSiteGuide is a free resource that is supportable 100% by readers. More than eight hundred people began blogging through this toolbox. This comprehensive guide is 8437 words. You could take your time doing it at your pace. If you want to skip the intro and learn to make a WordPress blog in a single click installation use the link below; jump to step #4: Start setting things up using WordPress». P.

Best Blogging Platforms for Beginners Compared (2021)

We’ll show you the best blogging platform for beginners and how to learn what is best for you. Let’s compare different platforms for blogging and sharing content. The platforms we compared are the best for beginners in terms of the systems available in the market. The different platforms that many developers use to find their products are overwhelming for a beginner.


Joomla is an open source CMS created in 2005. It is a flexible platform which allows quite some customization without knowing much code. You can extend their capability by adding additional functions, as well as creating a template to change the design of a webpage.

The only guide you need to choose and get started on the right blogging platform for your blog

The most popular blog platforms is definitely WordPress with Wix or Bluehost Host. Other options are using blogging websites like Medium or LinkedIn that has similar content. These platforms combine the reach of social media into the tools needed for blog postings. There are good rewards and bad consequences for either route. In this guide I will explain how to build a business online page. In fact they have an amazing amount of information on their functionality which is useful in assisting in various business ventures to succeed. Then in this section there are. In interviews and surveys these people shared views on what services these programs excel at.

Best free blog sites to consider in 2021

Wix offers free hosting, meaning you just arrange the layouts, pick a template and you are on your way. is the most popular free site on the Internet but you have to build it by yourself instead. Bluehost provides best affordable WordPress Web Hosting for all your needs in one package. LinkedIn is not the first choice of many individuals when they are unsure which of the many free blogs sites to choose and is one of the best free sites of all. Weebly is another website builder which not only allow users to blog, but also showcase their products to showcase their portfolio. LinkedIn employs an estimated 30 million businesses.

How do we choose which products to review?

We researched and tested dozens of famous and popular blog platforms using the above four factors in order to judge their quality. This process consisted in “lighter” studies which looked different from platform to platform. Once there was an understanding about our list we decided to narrow it to 5 after feeling like we had a collection of products that each reflected his specific criteria. Tip: Jump down below for a much more comprehensive look at the criteria. Please note that. It is here that we know each website’s strengths and weaknesses. We had good general knowledge and insights for the user interface for each platform.

Choose your weapon of blog dominance

The flexibility you gain with it goes a very long way especially if you plan to expand your blog to another topic. Squarespace provides an affordable website making service that is ideally located for blogging, but if this is your goal then it can’t be beat by WordPress. Ghost and Joomla are promising for those interested in absolute bleeding edge technology and open-source tweaking capabilities, but they lack some features you would expect from an effective blog platform to include by default. And these technical features can be confusing to. In this case you need to create something more significant like medium and Tumblr.

List the best free blogging platforms: top 3

Free software for WordPress provides hundreds of templates. Substack is not actually a social network. In fact it could be used by a website creator but a page can also be read in its entirety using. Weebly doesn’t have all Wix options though. But it’s much easier to use particularly if you start a blog at first. Substack is designed for creating an email newsletter but can be used to create your own website with a free account that gives you your own domain space. It offers a simple CMS based on the written word and offers free CMS and free hosting for free or a bargain monthly price of £33.

List the best blogging platforms and blogs for 2021

The Wix is a way to make it look like a professional designer’s blog without training. Our panel of users given it high marks because it is easy with an average user to use. ADI builds websites that can be easily searched using a simple html or web address. Fortunately Wix offers live support via a 24/7 callback service as well as an incredibly broad knowledge base to give beginner information. What we particularly love is how no knowledge of coding would require in order for you to build the blog you have.

List the 10 best blogging sites and platforms

Free software is software for blogging which combines simplicity with impressive functions. We used this CMS software to build and would recommend it as the preferred platform for creating blog websites for serious bloggers. Tim Ferriss, John Lee Dumas Pat Flynn and more utilize this platform to launch highly functional and profitable blogs. You can set up your blog exactly as you want by using free themes. There are templates you can select based on your desired layout style and colour scheme. The plugin is also supported with a powerful admin panel.

Choose a blogging platform

In the United States WordPress is the most popular blogging tool available with more than 90% market share. I strongly recommend starting a new blog with Self Hosted WordPress blog that I shared in this guide. By using WordPress Content Management System (CMS) WordPress will have you able to design and setup your blog. It will cost a few bucks a month for a web server and ten bucks an annual domain name. Blogs are free software. If you want full control over your blog or are thinking about running ads and products through your blog. – If you want your product.

Blog platform comparison chart

Top ten free blogs versus premium content WordPress Ghost Squarespace Joomla! Tumblr Wix Price $0 * $0* $0*** $14 plus a month Includes Hosting Included Domain Included Themes Included Plugins Available Beginner Friendly 8/10 9/10 10/10. Free opensource software but it requires hosting. Free but you do not own your own website unless you upgrade. Micro blogging platform with integrated sub subdomain site unable to be indexed by Google ‘. Best platforms for… Business blogs Personal blogs personal blog Teachers Student Pro’S Microblog Pro’s microblogs–.

Pick a niche for your blog

Blogging niches refer to the special topic areas we tend to write more often or even exclusively. To pick the most interesting topic ideally to use in your new blog place first find all the topics that really enliven you and make you want to discuss them. Your interests will be listed on the list without restrictions. This simple exercise will help you choose the niche you are most concerned about. This is an easy method to follow your passion and enjoy your blogging adventures. Click here to learn how to become a writer blog.

Start a blog using WordPress software

This section provides detailed information to sign up for your web hosting service and installation WordPress CMS. In this example I’ll show you how to build a blog using Bluehost. I have listed pictures of those things you should read before you take any action.

The best blog platforms for beginners, businesses and content creators

You will need to find out what these tools are for you. The following is a list of recommended plugins if they are easy to use. Each tool in order helps create y.

Automattic is an integrated platform. It helps people start a free blogging site that is totally free. There are much fewer design and function options compared to its self hosted counterpart. If you want Premium features such as custom themes and plugins you should buy a premium plan. For example a custom Domain Name which does not have included can be added to your Free website by the end of the year. For more information, click on and the company are available for purchasing domain names free from the

WordPress is The World’s Leading Blogger Software and provides access to 40% all of the world’s sites. It’s a self-managed blogging platform so that you should invest a little at WordPress for the website hosting it requires. So you can monetize your blog anywhere that you desire whether that’s a product line or an advertisement or membership website. Free to use but you will need to pay for a free domain, which costs $15 / year and hosting varies depending on services you select. Bluehost is also the best place to install WordPress into a website.


Medium was created in August 2012 by Ev Williams, also founder of Twitter and blogger. Top writers earn $10K+ a month to join the Partners Program. It’s easy to start writing on Medium, requiring no technical knowledge or effort to establish your own website: On this website also bloggers can write their own publication that is literally a group of articles written by you and some writers which allows you to act as a mini “magazine publisher.” The platform also modified its business model frequently over the years.

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