What is a Micro Niche?

A micro niche is a specific topic within a broad category. For example, if you wanted to go with the term ‘blogging’ your new website would be buried in the 100+ pages of Google results and not be seen. However, if you choose to go with something more precise like ‘micro niche blogging’ or ‘set up a free blog’ your website will be found much easier on the search engines because they are so much more narrowly defined.

Because of their specificity, micro-niches have a higher chance of being found in search engines like Google or Bing.

Examples of Micro Niches

-Ebay Listing Software

-Passive Income Strategies

-Weight Loss on a Budget

     When you are brainstorming for new micro niches, consider the following:

Is it unique? It shouldn’t be too common. Once you have an idea, do some research to see what other people are already doing in that niche and avoid anything that looks too competitive. If it is one you know a lot about then the research required will be minimal.

Is it easy to rank for? There must be something unique or differentiating about your product within that micro niche to ensure people want to visit your site over any other.

Micro niche blog ideas:

-How to fix a __________ (car, bike, laptop, phone etc)

-What is the best _________ (toaster oven, gps system, vacuum cleaner etc)

-The Essential Guide to _______(tips for using your new smartphone or tablet etc)

If you want to create a blog on a micro niche, take the time to brainstorm all the sub-topics that fall into that category. That way you can see how many different blog posts you could write.

Remember, every good site starts with good content so make sure whatever your topic is you are able to create enough high-quality original material for your website.

After creating one or two pieces of content you should be able to find out how much work will go into maintaining your site. If it doesn’t look like something you are passionate about, pick the next idea on the list. Remember, every niche has its pros and cons but you must enjoy what you’re doing if you want to see success!

Travel Micro Niche Blog ideas:

-How to fly on the _________(cheapest, least crowded flight)

-The best hostels in ______________ (Japan, Europe, Asia etc)

-What is the Best Way to _________ (Italy, Indonesia, Switzerland etc)

If you want to create a travel blog on a micro niche follow this stepto create a blog on a micro niche:

-Brainstorm all the different ways you can travel(overnight bus, train, go by boat etc)

-List all possible routes for your trip

-For each route have at least 5 stops and write about what you would do in each location.   You could break it down into things to do in the city and things to do within a 20 mile radius of where you are.

-For each stop on your trip list possible activities, adventures, events, and places to eat, drink and sleep.

Entertainment micro niche blog ideas:

-The top 10 comedy movies of all time

-How to get tickets for the ‘Sold Out’ show this Friday night

Entertainment is a broad topic, but if you break it down into smaller pieces there are numerous micro niches that you can write about and cover in-depth. Plus, people love entertainment so these could be great micro niches.

Technology micro niche blog ideas:

-How to ____________ with _____

Technology is a quickly evolving topic so there are always going to be new things coming out. If you want to create a blog on technology micro niches, follow these steps:

-Brainstorm all the different ways people interact with their computer

-Brainstorm all the different things people do on their computer

-List as many types of technology you can think of and find some micro niches within each category.

-For each type of product, list possible problems it could solve for a customer and solutions to those problems. Now list all the different elements you would need (price, processor speed, screen size etc).

-For each element list different brands and models.

Pros and cons of building a micro niche site:

1. You can cover a very specific topic and provide extremely valuable information to your readers.

2. The traffic potential is huge as people are always looking for niche content online as long as the segment you’re covering is popular enough.

3. If you do it correctly you will rank quickly in Google, providing instant traffic and sales for your site.

4. You could also monetize your traffic in different ways, for example, you could sell banner ads or affiliate products to make money from visitors. This is not the best way to generate income but it works and you can make a little online revenue doing it this way.

Bonus tip:

Create a micro niche site on something you’re really interested in. If it doesn’t interest you, your readers won’t find value in what you’re saying or sharing. Plus, no matter how much research is involved if you don’t love the topic you won’t last long.

However, if you’re passionate about the micro niche site then the rewards could be huge! Just remember that this is not easy or quick money so give yourself plenty of time to grow your blog into a success.

Pros in Micro Niche Blog Sites:

1. The potential for traffic is huge because you can target a very narrow audience and get ranked in the search engines really quickly.

2. You don’t need to create any other products or services; all you need to do is create your content and rank your site on Google.

3. Since it’s such a targeted niche each sale you make is very valuable and can result in a higher profit margin.

Cons of micro niche blog sites:

1. It takes time, effort and money to make the site search engine friendly.  

2. You need to keep adding new content over time; you can’t expect to rank in Google overnight.

3. If your content is not that great or you neglect updating it then people won’t click on it or return to read more.

4. If you don’t write good enough content then your readers will have no motivation to stay on your site.

-You might need to pay for hosting, domain name, and an SSL certificate. These are costs that you’ll have to cover upfront before you can start earning money from your site. While it’s possible to make money with a micro niche site, it’s not easy and requires time and effort. Just remember the rewards are fantastic if you are dedicated to it!

What’s the difference between a niche site and a micro niche site?

Niche sites focus on one topic or niche; it’s very broad, covering all the different aspects related to that specific area. Micro Niche Sites are much more targeted and deal with a smaller segment within a niche.

1. You can cover a very specific topic and provide extremely valuable information to your readers.

2. The traffic potential is huge as people are always looking for niche content online as long as the segment you’re covering is popular enough.

3. If you do it correctly you will rank quickly in Google, providing instant traffic and sales.

Micro Niche Sites: How do they make money?

There are several different ways that micro niche websites can make money. The two most common ways are by selling advertising space or affiliate products.

1. Affiliate Marketing – You can promote other companies’ products on your site and get a commission for every sale you generate through your link. For example, if I wrote a post about Paleo diet recipes and I included a link to Paleo Meals delivery and someone clicked on that link and ordered a meal plan, then I’d get a commission for sending them over.

2. Advertising – Some micro niche websites sell advertising space using services such as Google Adsense. These programs allow you to display relevant ads on your website and the click-through rate determines how much revenue you receive from each ad displayed on your site.

Amazon Associates Program

can be a great way of making money from micro niche sites. You sign-up for the program and select the products you want to sell on your site, then Amazon give you a special link/code which you put in the relevant pages. Whenever someone makes a purchase through this code Amazon pays you a small commission.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular online advertising program that places relevant, targeted ads on your website. The ad revenue you receive depends on a number of factors such as how many ads are displayed, the click-through rate, and more.

The Pros of using Google AdSense:

-It’s relatively easy to set up an account and get started.

-They provide good support for new users/publishers through tutorials and articles on their website.

-Their system is well designed and you get access to reports through your account, allowing more options for optimizing your ad revenue.

The Cons of using Google AdSense:

-Sometimes the ads that are displayed on your site may not be targeted enough to your audience, which results in a lower click-through rate.

-The system relies on Google and is subject to their algorithms, which can sometimes result in an inconsistent income stream.

-You need a large audience to generate enough revenue with AdSense as the amount you receive depends on your click-through rate and since these sites are very small it’s likely that your site won’t have much traffic.

How to find micro niche ideas

One of the most important parts of creating a micro niche site is finding a good idea to work with. Your choice will define the success or failure of your website so it’s crucial that you find something that people actually want to read about. Here are some tips to help you out:

– Make sure there is sufficient information available on the topic. – Make sure there are no big players dominating the niche already. – Your idea should be something you have a great interest in, otherwise, it will be hard to keep motivated for an extended period of time.

– There’s always room for new websites as long as your topic is not covered by sites that are already dominating this area.

Once you’ve found a niche you’re interested in, it’s time to get started with building your website.

The best way to find out which micro niche ideas are popular and profitable is by using Google tools, write down all of your interests, even old interests. Then use some keyword research and see what you find, and make a selection.

Google Auto Suggest

If you type in a list of 20-30 interests into Google’s autosuggest, it will display some suggestions that are related to your interests.

Go to google search and type your interest, see what else it suggests.

You can then go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and check for competition around each of these terms.

Check how many people are searching for that term each month on average, then compare the number to the number of results on page one. You want to aim for keywords with a high volume of searches but low competition.

Google Trends is also another good way to see what’s popular and find some idea’s around your interests.

What makes a good niche

You need to find a long-tail micro niche, which may sound complicated but it’s actually pretty easy. A micro niche is simply something that’s very specific but still has enough demand to get at least some traffic. So if your favourite hobby is playing the guitar, you could create a site about how to play the guitar chords to popular songs. This website will be pretty small but it has enough demand to get some traffic, plus there are no big players in this niche so you can still earn a good amount of money with AdSense.

So if you find a long-tail micro niche like that one and make a site about it, it’s very likely to be a good site.


Quora is a great resource for finding micro niche ideas, simply search for your interests and take a look at the results. When you’re browsing through the questions that people are asking, try to find those who have a large number of upvotes but not too much answer activity. If there’s no clear winner as an answer, it means there’s enough demand for an answer and you can start a micro niche site on that topic.

Don’t expect overnight success with this method as even if there’s a lot of interest in your topic, it doesn’t mean people will come to read your blog about it. It might take some time to build up the traffic so choose the topics you’re interested in, then create a micro niche site about that topic.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a great tool for finding long-tail micro niche ideas. You’ll get to see what people are searching for and how many people are looking for that thing each month on average. This is another good way to find some really specific topics for your micro niche sites, so you can have a high chance of success with this.