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Which are the best blogging platforms for 2022?

The best blogging platform for most people is certainly WordPress, but there are other options out there. You’ll find the best blogging platforms for 2022 in this article. I always recommend WordPress, the reason is over 40% of all websites use it. In fact, over 65% of websites that are not hand-coded use WordPress. And using it, you will own and control your site fully. You can develop your blog on a separate platform such as the ones we will talk about below, and some of them might be better for you, and that is why we will also cover those blogging platforms. Some people find them just as highly valuable and you can choose the ideal platform for yourself after reading this to start your own blog site.

How do I choose the best blogging platforms?

When launching your first blog you want a website that will be easy to set up and navigate. You should also need no programming skills. Some websites and platforms are good for different kinds of blogs while others cater to all niches. Picking the wrong platform can be a real headache after you have grown your blog. You will need the right solution that grows with you and the target audience.

Do all blogging platforms have SEO?

Many popular online websites will provide your site with plugins or additional modules that make certain pages of your page get SEO automatically. However, learning SEO basics will help you when you write a new or improved SEO optimized article.

1) WordPress Review – The Best free blogging platform

The WordPress platform code itself is completely free. It came out in 2003 and quickly became the platform of more websites than anything else. You can download this free blogging platform for free and use it on any personal or business website, although most hosts have it as an easy one-click install, so you don’t actually have to download or install anything yourself.

WordPress Hosting

You can host the WordPress platform on quite a few website hosts, including Bluehost Shared WordPress hosting for as little as $2.95 a month. It’s cheap, easy to implement and Bluehost handles maintenance. For all these reasons I recommend using Bluehost as the most reliable WordPress blog hosting.

Google Cloud Hosting

You can also choose to use Google Cloud to host your WordPress, and in doing so you can actually get $350 dollars of hosting to be used up in 3 months for free using this. Now it doesn’t cost that much a month, but what you can do is have a super-powerful host for 3 months, then take it down to just a few dollars a month after the free period is over.

Another thing you can do is host several different blogs on that account and experiment for 3 months and make a decision on which blog you really want to focus on. I personally do this, but I have ADD, so building 1o plus blogs at once is something I thrive on, I know it sounds chaotic to most, but I know some of you get it.

I do have to state that if you sign up for any of these using my links will give me a financial gain, I think by now you understand a benefit of creating websites and creating blogs is making money, but you must mention that you are benefiting, it’s the law.

2) Blogger Review – Trusted Blogging platform for newbies

Pyra Labs’ Blogger was acquired by Google in 2003 and is a web content management system for multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. The blogs are hosted by Google, which may be accessed via a subdomain of It’s free and you can set it up in minutes, even if you do not know much about blogging. You will get access to your own blog site where you can add content, make changes, and track topics.


HubSpot CMS








3) Tumblr – The best free blogging platform for the arts

Tumblr has been around since 2007 and is another popular blogging platform on the Web. It was originally designed as a microblogging website catering to “short-form” blogs, or those that were between 1 and 300 characters long. You can use Tumblr for anything; it’s very

#5 – Blogger Review – The Best for Sharing Your Story

Blogger is a great tool for an individual blogger advocating a cause or possible companies that will only want a traditional blog. There is one aspect which blocks the exploitation of a site designed as a company’s platform. The templates selection is relatively sparse and it will require HTML experience when you customize beyond the basic one. With no work and oversight, you can start to create a readable web site with no risk whatsoever. Choose blog if you want a regular blog. Create a blog for free now. All the essentials needed for getting started are included like: Blogger templates are repeated all over the Web.

What blogging platform should I consider?

Consider security ease-of-use, price, plugins and options