About Us – The Pro Blogging World

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dave Luper, I am from Weatherford, Texas, in the DFW area just outside of Fort Worth. I own an SEO company there. I started pro blogging back in the day before Facebook, what a change we have seen since then. This site exists to teach you every aspect of how to become a pro blogger as well. 2021 has been an incredible year for professional blogging with all of the advances in Artificial Intelligence and its uses in blogging and creating SEO optimized articles.

Over the last year I have studied AI for blogging and SEO extensively, and accrued quite a collection of tools that I teach others about. My goal is to save you time and money from being wasted testing all of these blogging and SEO tools yourself, and allowing me the opportunity to teach you how to use the best ones in the industry, along with the best Google tools. In

the past few years, Google has been releasing many updates that have changed how we blog and optimize our articles for maximum SEO.

This is the primary reason so many good bloggers have abandoned good blogging for automation, thus creating crappy articles with crap content.

While it is true, these SEO tools can bring your rank to the top, there are some rules to the game. You must use it to help you, do not let it do the whole article for you. What you will discover is

  1. The search engines will most likely rank you well for it
  2. The search engines will then discover it is AI written because it is not written well
  3. The search engine such as Google will find out the users reaction to the content
  4. When everyone that comes onto your page that was written in this manner will leave and visit another site
  5. when this happens, say goodbye to that good rank as you get pushed to the bottom

So again, if you use the tools I suggest, do not forget to use the tools for help and just that. They are great assistants, possibly even great directors, but it ends there.

If you are here reading this, then my guess is that you are at least curious about what I do, or maybe you need to improve your current blog or want to start a new one. Either way let me assure you I can help. My advice, tools and techniques are merely my opinion based upon years of experience in blogging and SEO.